About Us

Who We Are

African Footprint DMC aims to provide a superlative level of service to all clients who need assistance with their group travel incentives, relationship-building trips, industry-specific group travel (international exhibitions/ trade fairs/ meetings), company and EXCO meetings/ getaways, and company conferences & events. Our goal is to foster and maintain relationships with all our clients. Our motto: “Escape the Ordinary”!

Our Objective

In addition to assisting our clients with the planning, implementing and managing of successful incentive and other travel programmes, we aim to do so with the utmost care and sensitivity to our clients’ needs and objectives.

Concerning motivation in the work place, we find time & again that travel is the most successful way for our clients to motivate, reward and recognise their staff or clients, therefore, group travel is our focus. However, our expertise in managing logistics also extends to conference co-ordination and other events (see above).

Key Personnel

LUIS VIEIRAMANAGING DIRECTOR: with an extensive travel background stretching over 24 years, Luis has worked for an airline, in the retail and corporate travel world, and in the incentive travel business (14 years).

This valuable all-round experience, coupled with his most conspicuous characteristic – his attention to detail – is what drives African Footprint DMC.

Our Strengths

BUYING POWER – as affiliates of an international network of incentive travel specialists, we are able to negotiate the best deals for you by buying direct and missing out the middle-man.

NO PACKAGE TOURS! – our programmes are creative yet practical, unique to you and, most importantly, memorable!

ATTENTION TO DETAIL – “the devil is in the details” is a motto we live by at African Footprint DMC. The Oxford Dictionary defines this idiom as referring to the “the small things in plans and schemes that, if overlooked, may cause problems later”. Conversely, the idiom “God is in the detail” expresses a concept that we value as a company, the idea that “whatever one does, should be done properly”.

PERSONAL TOUCH – we are a small company and we work closely with you so that we establish a comfortable, intimate relationship with you, thereby allowing us to best serve your needs because we are familiar with them.


Motivating staff and rewarding them appropriately for the work they do is particularly relevant and essential in this current economic climate. Having staff that feel appreciated and that are motivated despite the general exhaustion, is a powerful business asset.

So, whether you want to increase sales, improve morale, inspire, recognize and reward, build brand loyalty, get to know your client or just say “thank you”, then you need to immediately consider implementing an incentive programme, and we can provide you with all the help you need.